Thursday, February 18, 2010


I always love you and ever and ever and ever
finally you leave me first, I knew this moment would come
now you leave me, I'll be back to the childish me
then what else could I wish if you are not here?
well, please tell me what ? nothing ?

ternyata gue tau kalo gue nungguin elo itu sia2 yah ? lo keburu ninggalin gue
lo keburu ninggalin gue dengan gue yang begini. yang manja , yang labil, yang payah
dan lucunya, gue kaget aja cuma gue yang shock :') haha

bingung sumpah gue musti ngapain
sampe-sampe gue ga bisa mikir

yaudahlah, gue cuma bisa minta maaf aja
buat semuanya.

I'll go my way, You'll go your way.

I love u, Uzi .



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