Thursday, June 3, 2010

dear my lovely bastard,

good evening,
how are you there?
did something beautiful happen to you?
did you enjoy your life?
are you happy?
well, I hope so.

I've been thinkin' about you lately
dont know why Im being so pathetic like this
my mind is want you so much
but my heart is rejecting you
yeah, they're battling now
right in my throat
it makes me sick

yeah, I dont know what to do with them
they keep yelling to me
I cover my ears with my two hands
but they sound keep screaming on me
Ive being so confused
but they're dont care about me

well, I wish I could run
I want to leave them
they suck you know?
but everywhere I go
they keep following me

hey, I want to ask you a question
where's you ussually go when you sad or confused or angry?
can I borrow that place for a day
I think I need some space to breath

I'm drowning so deep
but I cant pull myself up
wait.. actually...
I dont want to pull myself up.
I enjoying to be drowning
I think I like the sensation
when my body cant accept the oxygen
and finally my heart stop beating surely

if my heart stop beating
then it would not yelling on my mind anymore
then my mind would stop beating too
finally they both are stop disturbing me
sounds fun, isn't it?

but I think it would never happen.

I just write a letter to you to know what happens to you lately
keep wonder if you miss me
wishing that you were here and stay awhile to listening me
hope that you were a mentalist so you can easily read my mind
so I dont need to say anywords again

all I want to say is..

I miss you already
sorry I try to deny it but I cant
it keep yelling on every inc of my body
head to toe
what do you think about that?
do you mind?


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