Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tears Verse.

I don't know why.
I can't thinking clearly when I saw your footsteps going far.

Why ?
Why are you do this to me ?
Why are you make my heart hurt and crying, now ?
Now, when I've already have a sweet memories with you. with us.

You know ?
I'm fall, lame in the dry world with hurt on my heart and my cold tears.
Feeling pain. Feeling suffering.
When I saw my heart , slow but sure , crashed so hard.
When you give me a smile and enjoying your pain and decide to walk away, alone.

And me ?
I can't do anything.
I'm just crying on the ground. I'm week.

I'm too week to see you go away.
If you think that leave me alone, we alone is the best way to walk.
I will so hate you!

I hate you, because you've already give a sweet memories for me to remember when my tears fall.
Coz you've already give a 'warm house' for me to stay.
I hate you, because you are so easy make me carve your name in one special place on my heart.
I love you, all of you.

Please. Give me one chance again.
Turn back your way to our warm house again.
Like old time, about a half year ago.
Let we help you to erase your load.
With joke and laugh.
Like what we do during this half year.

Turn back your way to our warm house again.
I will hug your tired.
I will erase your heart pain.
I will wipe you hurt soul.
We'll having fun together. Like the past time.

You --> Me --> Our Family members.
Nothings can equaling love between us. No one.

Even problems is shy to set up their footsteps in our yard.

I always say:
I will never fine.
I will never fine.
I will never fine.

We will never fine.
During we still lost one star that completed our dark sky in the night.
When we together, when we hug each other, when we holding hand each other.
And let all the love we have keep our heart to warm from the damn cold wind.

We will never fine.
If you not come back.
Forever ...

Sebuah ungkapan isi hatiku yang aku tulis pada jam 22.22 hari ini.
Untuk temanku, Fauziyah Novianti.


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