Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my heart had a storm (again)

no no
its not about daniel..
well, since I broke up with him
I never have a contact again
yeah, we promised to not disturbing each other
he'll live his life, I'll live my life *geez*

yeah, actually
I still love him until now..
but yeah maybe we better be a good friend :)

this is not about Hadi too
since farewell party,
I never meet him
I give him a text messages but he dont reply it!
how hell..

so, I decided to forget two of them.
ihik ihik, sad but I think its better
life must goes on, and I can't keep crying for them, rite?

well, this is the new story
of course, after I can move on with my life :)

this about a boy, just called him Y. or you-know-who hahahaha LOL
he's someone from my past *stunned*
actually, he is my first junior high school crush *roll*
mm... I ever tell about him in my blog if you read it from the first page :P

well, bla bla bla
I can forget him, after I move to the other school on grade 9
and guess what?
he's coming back now

he is coming, disturbing my life
makes me love him (again) cause he said
he likes me.

okay, he didnt tell it to the point
but, I think someday he would say it.
yeah, if someday is exist -___-

this you-know-who makes me think about him EVERYDAY!
well, I can forget Hadi because of him :)
and Im so thank to him for that
I owe you dude :P

but now, I'm thinking again..

maybe he's not for me
I cant be with him

well, just for your information
he's my rival when I was 7 grade
and I'm so hating him!
and he's so hating me!
we hating each other..
its impossible if now
we loving each other -__-

deep in my heart
I love him so much

but, if I think twice
I better to forget him.

I decided to start a new love story in Senior High School
I better to be Single now,
free, having fun with my friend
no boys :)

but If I think thrice
I want him so badlyy :((
well, he's perfect for me
and maybe I will say yes if he tell me that he love me

but I think four times..
he's not belong to me
however, deep in our heart
we hate each other
but we love each other
you got what I mean?


I just can't figure it out!

why's my story is soo complicated?
why I can't have a simple story and happy ever after
like a fairy tale?

God, show me your way..
I'm following you.

*I write this without a google translate, so forgive me if you dont understand (geez)*


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