Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Night To Remember

there's always one day to say hello
and we're ride away passing life together
holding hand to hand
being a good friends

share the laughs and the pains
share the smiles and the tears
we wrote in our diary
that we will be forever

talking on the telephone
about a handsome guy
and telling that you love him
then we laugh together

skipping a lesson in the school
and go to the canteen
we're worry if a teacher seing us
but so what, we're still in here now

taking a picture together
we're always smile
use our favorite style
and frame it in our mind

maybe go to the mall
and shop a lovely dress
or we're watching the movie
having fun as long as we're together

when you had a broken-heart
you tell me and you crying
and I hate that boy who hurting you
and I promise to take care of you forever

everyday we arrived at the school
and start a chit-chat in the morning
and talk about the homeworks
and talk about everything

well, we shared everything together
now its time we've go to the prom
we're so busy to find the best clothes
to impress the whole room

we're having fun at the prom
laugh, dance, singing, and taking some picture
smile like the first day we met
we would gonna stop before the night's over

but then we realize something
that this is time to say good-bye
we would gonna be together anymore
we have a different track

you there with your life
I'm here with my life
and we'll flying
something missing in our heart

now, every morning we woke up
we're not go to the same place anymore
there's no more you
there's no more us

then we will go to our room
we'll open our diary
and we'll read it and we'll cry
cause so many story about us writed in there

and we'll missing this school
our prison, our story, our life
and we realize that we can't comin' back
we can't turn back the time

there's a night to remember
someday, when we getting adult
we'll forget each other
cause our mind is changed, our life is changed.

someday, when we getting adult
we'll have a great job and a big money
and someone that we married
and some cute kids

'till that night comin'
we'll still missing each other
thinking that life's not fair
why do life meet us
then life seperated us

we'll see the moon
on the different place
and faithfully that you see the moon too
and we flashback to the day where we still together

life must goes on
that's the life
yeah, not fair
but it's how the show goes on

don't worry cause I'll miss you here
and having faith that you'll miss me too
faithfully wait when we're meet again
and said "soon honey, soon" to our self

well, close the window cause its getting dark
hug the diary when we sleep
and wake up in the morning
and having a new story

*dedicated to my junior high school bestfriends :)*


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