Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thankful :)

Its Thursday
and I wake up in the morning
well, just tweeting like usual
but this morning I'm feeling so excited !
someone has greet me on the chat box
guess who?
yeah, he is the

ooohhhh God Im so happy :) :)
we're talking for so loong..
its about 3-4 hours
wawawawawawaa :)

and guess what?
in our chat he said
"lo beda sekarang"
"beda gimana?"
"jadi lebih cantik"
"haha makasih"
"serius gue"
"iya gue juga serius makasihnya"


this would be a nice day~
I can smiling for a whole day :)

Thanks God,
is this your way? :)


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