Thursday, May 20, 2010

this is the answer..

its about the you-know-who
now I know the truth

he have a girlfriend
well, 2 weeks ago
yeah, Im late..

he said
"coba lo ada sebelum 2 minggu yang lalu.."
I responded "hahaha"

thats it.
In my dictionary
there's BIG NO NO
to seize the other people boyfriend
I repeat

I'm proud enough to know that
he's loves me
but, If thats happen 2 weeks ago
maybe we will...

yeah, it too late..
but Im not sad
I'm not crying


someone's boyfriend loves me!
someone's boyfriend loves me!
someone's boyfriend loves me!

yeyeye *dance*
haha LOL

for the it girl

congrats sugar,
long last with him:)
but just for your information
your boyfriend's loves me :)
hey dont blame me!
it just happen like that
but dont worry
I will never take him away from you
even if I can do that! wkwk
its BIG NO NO for me
I'm not that bitch ;9
enjoy your life honeeyy :P

haha yeah, I'm happy..
I'm not crying :P

Thanks God~ Love You ♥


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