Monday, May 24, 2010

sad. meanless. disappointed. all in one now.

I don't know how to explain it.

I'm just... disappointed.
little bit sad.
I'm feeling blue..

well, I should realize that
he have a girlfriend.
and fair or not, he loves her.
and I should accept it
not having doubt with my self about it
should, should, should.
but Im not doing that.

I can't accept that he loves that girl
I can't figure it out
why it can happen?
why's not me??

well, I think its not just about
"If you're 2 weeks faster" anymore
ahahaha it's a crap.

well, I cannot let my self drowning
deep on his love seas
I should pull up my self and come back to earth

I shouldn't fly with him
into the rainbows island
and stuck on it with him, a heart-breaker.
my favorite heart-breaker.
I must go back to the ground
Even If I must jump from the sky to do that

It's much better to hurt right now
before it's too late..
before I'm too love him, so much.

Thank you heart-breaker
for everything,
especially for breaking my day
and my heart, absolutely.

now I realize that you're too far to reach
I should catch my unbelieveble feeling
and lock it deep in my heart.


a friend.

Ps: I Love You. with no doubt


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